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CartridgesDirect is Australia’s leading online supplier of Original Printer Cartridges and have received several International and National Awards for outstanding Customer Service. They are regarded as a trusted source for information and comment on the industry. For several years CartridgesDirect have promoted the Ethical Recycling of Original Printer Cartridges at their EOL as a corporate citizenship criterion. Although EOL Printer Cartridges can be perceived as an environmental threat there is absolutely no need as the solution is easy as practicable.


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Cartridges in landfill:

70% of the estimated 25 million printer cartridges sold in Australia each year end up in landfill. That is not just an environmental pollutant but a waste of non-renewable resources. We need to spread the message so that people can start respecting the environment that they are living in.

  • Cancer related deaths caused from carcinogens.
  • Damage to flora and fauna
  • Air pollution and global warming.
  • Land pollution
  • It takes between 400-1000 years for ink cartridges to degrade.

What is the alternative?

Ethical Recycling is the perfect alternative. Printer cartridges are made from many non-renewable resources. Yet every single component can be recovered and then reused in numerous other applications With Ethical Recycling there is Zero Waste to landfill as nothing ends up in landfill.Unfortunately the value of the recovered materials is less than the cost of recovering them. But the Original Printer Cartridge Manufacturers pay for every one of their EOL Printer Cartridges to be Ethically Recycled.

  • Original Printer Cartridge Manufacturers contribute financially to save the environment.
  • No compatible manufacturers contribute financially.
  • Ethical Recycling reduces the need for non-renewable resources by re-applying them to other uses.
  • Refining and smelting oils and metals creates CO2 emissions. Ethical Recycling reduces greenhouse gasses.
  • Residual ink is used in felt tip pens.
  • Residual Toner is used to produce a longer life road surface.

Shocking statistics.

  • In the US 375 million printer cartridges are thrown away every year.
  • Only 15% are Ethically Recycled.
  • 85% end up in landfill or incinerators.
  • Original Printer Cartridges make up the overwhelming majority of printer cartridge sales yet most go to landfill unnecessarily.
  • All Original Printer Cartridges sold can be Ethically Recycled through various collection programs.

What needs to be done?

Ink cartridges are necessary, so people that use them need to participate in an OEM printer cartridge recycling program that will allow them to “close the environmental loop”. Cartridges Direct is on a mission to make 100% of all supplied printer cartridges go through the recycling process.

At the moment,in Australia, EOL Printer Cartridges can be collected for Ethical Recycling by placing them in a Cartridges 4Planet Ark Collection Bin. In the next 5 years, Cartridges Direct would like to prevent 3 million ink cartridges sold in Australia from ending up in landfill.


What would we like to do next?

We would like to share our message of concern and get more people on board with a practical FREE RECYCLING SOLUTION that they can use in their home, business or organisation. We want people to know that by participating in a recycling program that creates zero waste with printer cartridges, they will be making a real difference for the environment.

Download Our 'Spread The Message' PDF For Free!