Proud Partners Of Planet Ark - Recycle at home and work

A free, easy and environmentally accredited way to recycle your used printer cartridges. CartridgesDirect is proud to announce a partnership with Planet Ark to aid us in our goal of reducing the damage to the environment.


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What can you do?

When it comes to the future of the environment one thread of the conversation seems to have got lost – what can we do as individuals?

Instead it has moved to the role of large corporations, energy production and mass pollution. The focus has come onto the big picture rather than the 25 million individual images that make up the population of Australia. CartridgesDirect are making moves to emphasise to our customers that they can all play a role in reducing the damage to the environment. We are not suggesting for one moment that the emphasis upon major pollutants should be reduced. We are saying that there is room for two strands of conversation and that the individual is just as important as the society.

It is almost universally accepted these days that we all need to leave as small a footprint as possible on this planet whilst we are here. But somehow the fact that we can each play our part has become lost.


What we're doing

We have long been aware that end of useful life of the products we supply is just as important as the life of those products. The correct disposal of these products has an impacts that is just as important at a mass level as any other product.

That is why CartridgesDirect have joined all the manufacturers of original printer cartridges in partnering with Cartridges4Planet Ark and Close The Loop. In doing this we can create awareness in our customers that you can all play a part in reducing the impact of our products on the environment.

Cartridges4Planet Ark are the collection agency for the ethical recycling of printer cartridges. They have collection points for your empty cartridges in hundreds of locations, most notably your local Post Office, around the nation. From there Cartridges4Planet Ark collect the empty printer cartridges for ethical recycling.

For larger users, those using more than three cartridges a month, Cartridges4Planet Ark can supply a collection box for your premises.
To arrange this simply call 1800 24 24 73 and register for a free collection box to be located on your premises.


The process

Ethical ink cartridge recycling is the process of breaking down each cartridge into its components and each component recycled to become an entirely new product. It could be synthetic wood, it could be a new electrical components or fresh oil. In some cases parts could be recycled into the basic material for a new printer cartridges. Ethical recycling means that no part of a printer cartridge goes to landfill.

In Australia around 20 million printer cartridges are sold each year to make a contribution to all our lives. Yet 80% of all printer cartridges go to landfill. There they remain hidden from view and forgotten. But they slowly decompose over 500 to 1000 years and the various components poison the ground making it unproductive. The printer cartridges are not dead but remain to wreak havoc upon the environment.

Those that are ethically recycled also line on. They live on in thousands of new and different products that remain useful to society. These products are not hidden from society but contribute to it. They further reduce pollution by reducing the need to continually produce new raw materials which is a major contributor to pollution and the decline in resources.


Every headline deserves a good home

Recycling has long been an accepted part of our everyday life. We have a bin to put in plastics, papers and other materials but not many of us aware that this form of recycling has some severe limitations. A major one is that a composite product, such as a printer cartridge, cannot be recycled with empty cans and milk containers as well as all the junk mail we receive on a daily basis. Local recycling can only focus upon simple recycling. If a product is outside of the narrow parameters it goes into the ‘too hard basket’, and the ‘too hard basket’ goes to landfill. All those good intentions have, literally gone to waste.

When you put your empty printer cartridges into the Cartridges4Planet Ark collection bin you may feel that it will contribute very little. But if all the printer cartridges sold in Australia each year were to go to ethical recycling we would all be treading lightly on the earth and leaving a better memorial in a multitude of different products than a poisoned wasteland.

At CartridgesDirect we know that the products we supply are useful to everyday life. By putting the focus back on the individual’s contribution through Cartridges4Planet Ark and ethical recycling we know that these products will remain useful to everyday life for generations to come rather than poisoning the planet.



Download Our 'Spread The Message' PDF For Free!